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Eco City Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional high end LED Lighting company specialized in researching, developing and producing high efficient LED Light series. With more than 15 years technology accumulation in LED components, custom design LED modules, in recent years, we have been focusing more on indoor, outdoor lighting sectors as well as custom design projects.
Our products are exported to Europe, North America, Asia and other markets.
Unique design is the feature of our products, all items are developed under the principle of innovative idea and attractive design. The core of this company is the around 250 workers and near 20 engineers and strict quality control from raw materials to finished products. Thus it can make sure the excellent quality of all products.
Products  are all based on CE, RoHS certifications compliance.
Motto of our company is "better tech,, eco city".
Our mission is to bring the benefits of solid state lighting products, energy saving, emission reduction and low carbon life to the public.
My dear friends from all over the world, contact us today to share your ideas in Eco City; share our mutual development and benefit from this energy saving life!
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